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British Commonwealth Stamps

The art of the stamp engraver was never more beautifully portrayed than in the stamps of the Commonwealth during the reigns of the kings of the early 20th centuries. I have designed this site to share my fascination with stamps of the countries of the British Commonwealth which have a portrait of a king's head on it. These are the stamps I personally collect.


The idea for this site came to me while I was trying to find scans of stamps. I thought it would be nice to be able to go to one site and see a "color" picture of the stamps I was looking for. It is my intention to eventually have scans available of every stamp with a king's portrait on it. Any scans you find here are free for the taking providing you follow one simple rule. Please don't link to the pictures on this site. Rather, save it by right-clicking on it and using the "Save Picture As.." (or whatever you browser's menu says) option and copy it to your local drive. I will also try to show as many varieties as I can that are visibly different than the original. Plate flaws and shades would be two examples of varieties that would be listed. Varieties such as paper, gum or perf varieties would be much more difficult to differentiate without actually having the stamp in your possession.

This site is very much a work in progress. I change my mind frequently on how I want things to look, what size I feel the scans should be and so on. I am only able to add images, etc. when I get some spare time and who has a lot of that. Having said that, please feel free to email me with suggestions, wants, cudos, etc. They will be much appreciated and replied to as soon as possible.

If you enjoy the stamps of the British Commonwealth and want to learn more about them, need checklists, are looking for reference material, want to see what the stamps look like, or decide it is time to invest in custom stamp album pages, this is a place to at least start your journey.

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