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British Offices Abroad - Eritrea Stamp Scans

  Click the image to start a slideshow of Stamp Images for GB - Eritrea.

Image Count: 23. BOA - Eritrea has 33 stamps with a kings portrait, KGVI-33. (Scott catalog used)

Any scans you find here are free for the taking. Please don't link to the pictures on this site. Rather, save it by right-clicking on it and using the "Save Picture As.." (or whatever you browser's menu says) option and copy it to your local drive.

If the slideshow does not start properly, you only get the first image and the page does not gray over, please refresh the page and that will usually fix the problem. I have seen this happen using IE and am working to fix the problem.

If you have better quality scans than appear here and are willing to share them, please contact me. I would be happy to acknowledge your help with a link to your site or auctions, etc..

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