Stamps of the Commonwealth Kings
The 1939 Royal Train
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Engine 2850, prepared at the Angus Shops in Montreal, was specially refitted and decorated for its transcontinental trip the King and Queen.

The semi-streamlined engine bore the Royal Arms over the headlight which had been sunk flush with the front of the boiler-casing; imperial crowns decorated each running board; the crest of the Canadian Pacific appears beneath the window of the cab and in the tender, the Royal Arms four feet high and blazoned in relief.

The 12 car "hotel" on wheels represented the work of the most skilled workers of both major railways. Exterior decoration of the train was carried out in royal blue with aluminum panels between the windows, rounded silver tinted roofs and thin car-length lines of gold above and below the windows. The aluminum was applied in diamond- shaped designs to flash more brilliantly in the sun.

The two cars at the back of the train which carried the King and Queen had the royal coat of arms in the center under the windows while all other units bore the royal cipher and crown in the center and the royal crown at each end below the roof line.

The inside of the train contained living rooms, business offices, bedrooms, baths and showers and an inter-car telephone system which could be connected to land telephone lines. Every car carried a radio, each of a different type.

Car 1 at the end of the train contained two bedroom suites for the King and Queen, a sitting room overlooking the rear platform and two bedrooms for members of the royal staff. The sitting room was panelled in curly birch with ivory ceiling and light brown carpet over a cork floor.

The other car to be used by Their Majesties contained a large sitting room. Ahead of the sitting room was the royal dining room which seated 12 people. It was equipped with a set of roller maps so the Royal Couple could trace their progress across the dominion. This car also contained a pantry, kitchen, steward's room, a bedroom for His Majestie's secretary and an office panelled in oak.

These two cars and the other four reconstructed at the Montreal shops of Canadian National provided accommodation for other members of the royal party. Included in the C.N.R. cars was Canadian National business car No. 99 - private car of the C.N.R. president.